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Under guidance of EDEEXCEL MATH TUTOR having experience of DUBAI AL AIN of the units Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580), Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics (9709)

Tutorials for IGCSE Mathematics (0580)

Mathematics is a compulsory subject for all school level students across the world. Most high school students are found to be scared or bored of math. In other words, they do not like the subject. A research conducted found that almost 82% students did not like the subject, of which about 75% were of the opinion that math is difficult. The reason behind this fear, more often are the complex concepts and theorems that tend to shake the confidence of students. Also, it has been seen that students go on to their high school with shaky math basics – this means that their fundamentals in the subject are not quite clear in their early school years and by the time they reach the higher classes, their base is too weak because of which, complicated problems get them scared.

Having said this, it is still compulsory to pass this subject with good grades for students to continue with their higher education. This is why, in the recent years, there has been a growth of online tutorials that offer professional help with understanding and learning of IGCSE Mathematics (0580). Such websites and tutors offer students clarity on various topics that include but are not limited to – Geometry, algebra, graphs, mensuration, trigonometry, statistics, probability and others.

Math’s tutors offer comprehensive help and aid with International AS and A Level Mathematics (9709) with focus on reinforcing concepts and basics, so that the logical reasoning of the child is developed, where he or she can start answering maths questions independently and accurately. The boost of confidence is also a key area of work for a credible tutor because maths has lots to do with poise, patient comprehension and clarity of thoughts.

It is essential that parents choose a tutorial program for their kids where the institute or the tutor makes use of not only the course book but also uses interactive methods of teaching like videos, multimedia content, online links, and quizzes. There should be assignments and homework on daily and weekly basis so that the progress of the student can be assessed and reviewed in order to tweak the program accordingly. Parents should take active interest in the feedback sessions too.

Besides helping students to practice their understanding and problem-solving skills, tutorials also offer the solved past papers of IGCSE Mathematics (0580) and hold their internal checks for exams so that students get to know the kind of questions they can face during the exam and the best way to answer in order to get higher grades.

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Access solved IGCSE past papers and equip yourself for your upcoming examination

Being a student can be quite challenging these days as competition and peer pressure is on the rise. Even as our 14 to 16-year olds get ready to face the pressures and tribulations of the world, it remains important that their journey as a student is smooth.

Being able to go through the solved IGCSE past papers, especially of math and Chemistry makes things better for students because:

  • They get a much-deserved exposure to the pattern and the type of questions that feature in the examination.
  • They also get to see the right way of solving and answering the questions. This gives them a direction or indication of the correct way of resolving questions so that they are able to get better grades and realize their dreams.

The advantages of being able to see the solved IGCSE past papers are obviously great provided you are able to access the right platform for more information and the right methods of answering the questions. Choose a platform that offers

  • comprehensive solutions for all levels
  • solved AS/A LEVEL past papers
  • covers the entire syllabus of Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580)
  • covers the entire syllabus of Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620)
  • covers the entire syllabus of Science, Maths and other compulsory subjects
  • Offers elaborate and thorough support topic wise
  • Helps with study notes
  • Has on-board qualified and experienced mentors, tutors/ teaching team
  • Uses different multi-media aids including videos to teach students
  • Has free crash courses to offer that help students and parents to judge the quality of the online course.
  • Provides optimized support at the best prices.
  • Has an online resource centre where students can access reference books, text books, other recommended books as well as solved IGCSE past papers.

Taking into account that there are multiple such online tutorial centres available, it is advisable to research thoroughly before registering with one.

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620), EDEXCEL CHEMISTRY TUTOR having experience of DUBAI ALAIN, Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry (9701)

Get your ward the best tutor for the upcoming Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620) exams

Facing the O and A level examinations of IGCSE syllabus from Cambridge International Examination is tough for the young ones and they need all possible aid and support to ensure that they pass the Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620), Math and other subjects with flying colours. As this examination sets forth their future career, as parents, it becomes our topmost responsibility to ensure that our young ones are given the right direction.

Chemistry can be quite a tough, challenging and a tricky subject as it involves formulas, equations, mathematical problem-solving and reasoning skills and also innate memorizing skills. Most parents look for credible institutes where their teens can be enrolled for better grasp and understanding of the subject. Whether it is an EDEXCEL CHEMISTRY TUTOR ADUBAI AL AIN or for Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry (9701), the fact is that most students need professional support and help to get a better hold on the subject.

This is exactly why it is important to look for the best tutorial or resources for your ward. If in UAE, one can take references from their near and dear ones to ensure the right one in DUBAI, AL AIN and in other cities. Similarly, a right approach can be adopted across the other locations such as in Pakistan where every year many students are getting good results in IGCSE worldwide. The best institute for Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620) will be characterized by:

  • Have experienced and trained teachers to handle the queries and questions from students.
  • Provide prompt and speedy clarity on doubts and queries.
  • Have a system of daily practice of chemical formulas, equations.
  • Aided with the right logic and shortcuts to help students remember the difficult and complex equations and formulas.
  • Solved past papers.
  • Daily assignments and homework that students need to submit.
  • Feedback on assignments
  • Flexible to offer extra care and support to students who take time in understanding the concepts of the subject.
  • Use online teaching aids with proper videos and presentations, interactive sessions that facilitate a healthy learning environment.

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